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At Inflection Point Leadership, our mission is to establish sustainable growth for organizations, so their people can thrive today and help shape a more successful tomorrow. Founded by Kristy Braden and Brad Smith in January 2019, IPL was born out of a desire to help business leaders navigate and capitalize on the opportunities and obstacles they experience on a daily basis.

To create the IPL team, we’ve pooled the collective expertise of former HR leaders who are dedicated to helping organizations turn challenging inflection points into successful realities. And we do this through superior service that’s customized to your unique needs.

Our Team

Brad Smith


I make work more fun by treating each meeting or project as an experience that should include at least some aspect of joy, not just a deliverable. Getting to know clients on a more personal level helps lighten the mood when the work gets hard, so we can take the work seriously but still have fun doing it.

Kristy Braden


My first passion is education, which I discovered by “playing school” with my younger brother and trying to teach him to read. After teaching high school for a few years I had the opportunity to teach GED classes, and I realized that I love working with adult learners. I’m now in my dream job – harnessing the power of education to help my clients grow and thrive.

Libby Cervantes

Business Manager

A sense of balance and accomplishment bring the most joy to my day. Knowing that I succeeded in completing all my necessary tasks for the day and was able to have some fun while doing it brings me great satisfaction! I also love being able to enjoy a few simple quiet moments during the day, taking a walk outside in the sunshine.

Alissa Jamison


Punctuating work with laughter is, for me, what makes work fun. Laughter is a signal that there is room for lightness even when facing challenging situations. I think working is infinitely more interesting when you get to learn about more than just the work – creating personal connections to clients and finding reasons to laugh is what makes it fun.

Ania Schmidt


I make work more fun by always staying steadfast focused on the end recipient of the solution I’m providing, and by cultivating a light-hearted and uplifting atmosphere. I have been known to come up with fun (always appropriate) nicknames for my team as well as for each of its members - based on the unique contributions they bring.

Anjali Burton


In many ways, I think finding your passion is a lifelong pursuit. I found my passion for helping others through applied psychology through years of practice, research, trial and error, and learning from people I’ve been very lucky to have met.

Kevin Adler


Helping people connect to the best version of themselves so they can show up as the best version of themselves at work, at home and in their community. Spending time with the people I love (my daughter, my girlfriend, my friends, my family). My Golden Retriever – literally every time I look at him every single day 😊 Challenging myself to learn and grow. Playing music. Being in nature, and specifically the mountains. Surrounding myself with fellow heart-centered, growth-minded people. Feeling inspired by any creative content that stirs my soul.

Norio Suzuki


As a coach / consultant / educator, I deeply enjoy supporting my client in rejuvenating the passion for continuing exploration and experimentation to realize the greater possibilities that they have within themselves.

Russ Krochock


A couple decades ago (or so) I was managing a team of customer service reps. I had an epiphany that the part of my job that I loved the most was helping people learn and grow. I went with that and worked on a career do-over. Since then, I've made it my goal to continue to hone my learning and development craft and to help people on their development journey. My passion is renewed every time someone tells me that I helped them.

Susan Finerty


What brings me joy - My kids (mostly!), my dogs (always!) and the little lake I live on (my sanctuary!)

Career Opportunities

We are always on the lookout for amazing affiliates to partner with our team. If you have expertise in the following domains:

  • Instructional design, virtual facilitated sessions, and online learning modules
  • Leadership development program design & facilitation
  • Global talent strategy and talent management, talent planning, on-boarding, development, engagement

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