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From assessment to design and implementation, we provide a wide array of services to help organizations embrace the opportunities change brings. We also understand that no two companies are alike and can customize solutions to fulfill your unique needs.

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Making Organization Shift Happen

Identify the next major inflection point for your organization and determine how equipped your leaders are to navigate change with help from IPL. By establishing and sustaining an agile culture, you can build an organization that thrives on disruption.

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Leading What's Next Together

Align your teams around the organization's purpose and goals and identify what actions you need to take build a path forward with insights from us. The goal is to generate both the momentum and strategic vision to prepare you for what's next.


Growing What's Next Leaders

How do you build talent that’s prepared to lead through continuous disruption? We help you conduct assessments, create development programs, and sustain a pipeline of top talent that will help you continuously evolve.


Assessment and Strategic Alignment

To identify what’s enabling or hindering your growth, we’ll equip you with strategies and tools for navigating transitions and developing the best talent to lead through change. We’ll also help you define your strategic vision and ensure everyone is aligned around these goals.

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Solution Design and Execution

Create a plan and processes to get there with help from our experts. With the goal of designing the best possible outcome for your organization, we help you effectively implement the tactics and strategies we've identified together.

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Talk about a dream team! How lucky are we to have this talented team paving the way for our future leaders!

Christi Schultz, Global Vascular Marketing Leader, W. L. Gore & Associates

Leading "What's Next" Leadership Teams

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