Ready for Your Next Major Inflection Point?

Change is a continuous opportunity for growth. With IPL, you can learn how to harness dynamic organizational shifts that will stimulate long-term success.

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Empowering You to
Embrace What's Next

Is your organization equipped to handle the increasing pace of change? IPL can help you navigate challenging decisions during critical inflection points, so you can anticipate, embrace, and lead through what’s next.

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Our Services

Equip your organization to make positive shifts happen with our advisory, assessment, design, and delivery services.

Make Shift Happen

Identify the next major inflection point for your organization and determine how equipped your leaders are to navigate change with help from IPL.

Leading What's Next Together

Align your teams around the organization's purpose and goals and identify what actions you need to take build a path forward with insights from us.

Growing What's Next Leaders

We help you conduct assessments, create development programs, and sustain a pipeline of top talent that will help you continuously evolve.

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Using the tools and skills Kristy taught us, we are making significant and measurable gains toward building a stronger team dynamic centered around trust, commitment, and a unifying purpose.

Senior Vice President in the Professional Sports and Entertainment industry

Leading "What's Next" Leadership Teams

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